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Unified Communications for Dummies

Discover increased efficiency and effectiveness through a Unified Communications strategy. In the inimitable dummies style, Unified Communications for Dummies explores new paradigms for working and communicating efficiently and collaboratively. Find real-world examples of how unified communications is being used now to solve critical business challenges and the tips you can use to meet your business needs in the modern, mobile work environment.

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Contact Centers for Dummies

This book provides information not only on running contact centers but also on implementing technology in contact centers in a profitable way. We'll show you what defines a good contact center, ways to improve your contact center, the latest technological enhancements, how to set performance targets and manage results, plus much much more! You'll also get to see real-world examples of Avaya contact center technology in action!

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Mobile Workforce for Dummies

This book examines the changing workplace and shows how new technologies and demands have coupled to create a workforce that is more mobile than any other time in the past. Organizations are now driven to discover new ways to increase responsiveness and productivity. Learn how developing a meaningful mobility strategy for your organization -- one that embraces the technologies and meets the demands -- can help you fulfill the needs of both your workers and clients.


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Voice over IP for Dummies

This limited edition of VoIP for Dummies shows how converging your traditional voice and data networks can save money and increase efficiency and productivity throughout your organization --- just what it takes to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

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SIP Communications for Dummies

You may be rapidly reaching the conclusion that evryone has too many devices, too many numbers, and too little time. SIP is here to save the day and it is fast becomming the standard for complete service integration. SIP Communications for Dummies shows readers how to improve communications while simplifying our device-centric world.

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VoIP Security for Dummies

This limited edition of VoIP Security for Dummies shows how risks are identified, analyzed, managed, and minimized in your converged voice and data networks. Find out how security best practices can make your VoIP network as secure as a traditional telephone network.

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Business Continuity in Communications for Dummies

This book provides an excellent place for you to begin if you are starting a business continuity program and considering technology such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), or if you are an IT person looking to make an informed decision about integrated networking, or designing the next level of a communications strategy. It's also an excellent starting place for end users who are new to business continuity and disaster planning to learn how things like VoIP and other Avaya solutions, software, and services can help in the process.

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Converged Network Security for Dummies

Converged Network Security For Dummies, developed with Avaya AlliancePartners Juniper Networks and Extreme Networks, helps customers understand the myriad security approaches and technologies that are used to protect their converged voice, video and data networks from both external and internal threats. This companion book to VoIP Security For Dummies focuses on securing the enteprise converged network through a multi-layered security model.

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Midsize Business Communications for Dummies

Midsize Business Communications for Dummies is the latest in the highly successful Avaya series and explores the unique challenges faced by midsize businesses and how intelligent communications can improve interactions across employees, suppliers and customers.

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