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 MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System  

Technical Specifications

General System Description

Operating Modes Key/Hybrid/PBX, or behind switch
Processor Type and Speed 68EC020 Motorola CPU running at 16MHz with zero wait states
Bus Digital 2.048MHz bus supplies a 64Kbps channel on each of 216 time slots
Modem Built-in 1200/2400 b/s modem
Environmental Requirements
Operating temperature within room 40°F to 104°F (4°C to 40°C)
Humidity 20%-80% relative humidity
Ventilation One inch of space on all sides and 12 inches above and below is required to prevent overheating
Exposure Unit should not be exposed to moisture, corrosive gases, dust, chemicals, or extreme heat
Grounding Control Unit requires separately-fused, ground outlet
Control Unit Dimension and Weight (Fully Loaded)
Basic Carrier Weight: 45 lb. (20.4 kg)
Dimensions: 11 inches wide x 19 inches high x 11 inches deep (27.9 cm x 48.3 cm x 27.9 cm)
Basic Carrier + 1 Expansion Carrier Weight: 90 lb. (40.8 kg)
Dimensions: 22.5 inches wide x 19 inches high x 11 inches deep (57.2 cm x 48.3 cm x 27.9 cm)
Basic Carrier + 2 Expansion Carriers Weight: 135 lb. (61.2 kg)
Dimensions: 34 inches wide x 19 inches high x 11 inches deep (86.4 cm x 48.3 cm x 27.9 cm)
Power Requirements
Basic Carrier 117 VAC 60 Hz -15% to 10% 5.4A
Two Carriers 117 VAC 60 Hz -15% to 10% 10.8A
Three Carriers 117 VAC 60 Hz -15% to 10% 16.2A
Heat Dissipation (Fully Loaded)
Basic Carrier 500 Btu/hr (35 cal/sec)
Basic Carrier + 1 Expansion Carrier 1000 Btu/hr (70 cal/sec)
Basic Carrier + 2 Expansion Carriers 1500 Btu/hr (105 cal/sec)
Electrical Fields
Radio Frequency Interference, Tolerance 1.0 V/m
Do not expose the CU to devices that generate electrical currents that cause interference (such as arc welders, or motors). Do not install the system in the power distribution room.
Backboard Mounting Hardware
Mounting surfaces Hardware required
Fireproof plywood Wood screws
Concrete, brick, cinder block Masonry anchors
Plaster, plasterboard Toggle bolts
Sheet metal Sheet-metal screws
Hardware has a combined pullout force of 650 lb. (294.8 kg)
Within 25 feet of the Network Interface (NI)
Within 5 feet (1.5 m) of dedicated AC power outlet (one plug per carrier and one plug for each auxiliary. power unit)
Within 1000 feet (304.8 m) of the telephones


System Wiring

System within 5 feet of dedicated AC power outlet

System within 25 feet of the network interface

Telephones within 1000 cable-feet (304.8 m) of all
  telephones except MLX telephones. MLX telephones
  within 3000 feet of control unit. IROBs if needed.
  Distance for the 4400 series telephones varies according
  to the gauge of the wire:
26 gauge: 2000 feet
24 gauge: 3000 feet
22 gauge: 5000 feet

MLX telephones using 24 gauge wire
  have a distance limitation of 3,000 feet
PARTNER® ETR telephones using 24 gauge
  have a distance limitation of 1,000 feet
PARTNER ETR ports programmed for tip/ring
  using 24-gauge wire have a distance limitation of 3,000 feet
Ground wire for the power supply cannot be
  over 10 feet
If the SMDR printer is over 50 feet from the
  control unit, use an Asynchronous Data unit (ADU)
Back-to-back connection of the DS1 facility with
  another system's facility is possible when the cable distance is less
  than 1300 feet

Telephone Wiring

Maximum cord length from an MLX telephone to
  an ISDN data module is 80 feet (24 m).
Total length of cords between the KS22911-L2
  or 406743419 power supply and the MLX telephone
  cannot be more than 50 feet
Do not replace the 2-foot D8AC cord
  (packaged with the DSS) with a longer cord
Radio-base of the TransTalk® 9031/9040 telephone
  must be at least 25 feet from the control unit
If you exceed three -5 VDC modules in a single carrier,
  the system will fail to come online.

Government Approvals and
Local Phone Company Information

FCC Registration

Number REN Type
AS593M-72682-MF-E 1.5 A Multi-function
AS593M-72914-KF-E 1.5 A Key only
AS5USA-65646-PF-E 1.5 A Hybrid/PBX

DOC Registration

DOC Certification No. CSA Certification No. Load No.
230-4095A LR-56260 6

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