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 MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System  

Release History

Release 2.2, June 2002
The primary enhancements in Release 2.2 include:

Loudspeaker page with Group Page
Call screening
Hot Dialpad
Remote call forwarding with simultaneous internal alert
Headset displays
CTI link

Release 2.1, November 2001
The primary enhancements in Release 2.1 include:

Call Center enhancements:
        ● Calling group agent in multiple calling groups
      ● Selective login
      ● Selective logout
      ● Auxiliary Work Time
      ● Selective Supervisor mode
      ● Enhanced TSAPI events and services
● Caller ID display enhancement:
      ● 100D/CSU/DSU maintenance enhancements
● WinSPM R6 support

Release 2.0, January 2001
The primary enhancements in Release 2.0 include:

Call Center enhancements:
     ● CTI Link in support of the Avaya's Solution
           Development Program
     ● Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis plus Intelligent
          Queue Messages using TASKE applications
● WinSPM R5 support
● MERLIN® Messaging R2.5 new feature support:
    ● Caller ID/ANI integration
    ● Display number of new and old messages
    ● Delayed Announcement Service

Release 1.5, June 2000
The primary enhancements in Release 1.5 include:

ARS enhancements:
10 and 11-digit dialing
Increase ARS tables from 16 to 24-digits
Wild Card entries in 6-digit table
Allow List enhancements:
Increase entries from 7 to 14-digits
Wildcard entry support in Allow and Disallow lists
Convert files to support upgrade from MERLIN LEGEND®
    to MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System

Automatic Daylight Savings Time updates for system and
   MERLIN Messaging R2.0 (or later)

Serviceability enhancements:
Electronic serial number viewing
Automatic configuration of the MERLIN Messaging R2.0
        (or later) system

Station Responding Test
Touch-Tone Receiver (TTR) Audit
DS1 Module with Built-In CSU/DSU (100DCD)
WinSPM R4 support

Release 1.0,October 1999
This was the first release of MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System.

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