ATI wants to ensure you get the best solution for your individual needs. Before you make a decision to buy a new solution, make sure to ask the right questions:

  • Will there be enough room for growth? Not everyone plans to double their company size in three to five years, but make sure you have plenty of room to add lines and telephones in the future.
  • Can my system be upgraded without expensive equipment or software changes?
  • How easy is it to make changes to the software?
  • What does the vendor offer for ongoing training and programming support? Are there additional charges?
  • What is the vendor's relationship with their supplier? How long have they carried the product? What is their history with the manufacturer of the product? Take into consideration their certifications, licenses, and awards.
  • What is the warranty or maintenance coverage?
  • What is the 5-year cost of ownership? Don't' just buy the low price; look for the total cost including all extras over the 60 month period

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