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 MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System  


Below are some of the options for the MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System. Please contact your local Avaya representative or Authorized BusinessPartner to learn about additional options.


MERLIN Messaging System
An integrated module that supports 100 hours of message storage, up to 12 ports in two-port increments, and a maximum of 200 mailboxes. System administration is performed via touch-tone telephone user interface (TUI), or optional graphical user interface (GUI) through an included local area network (LAN) port. Capabilities include automated attendant, call answer, voice mail, auto fax detection, and delayed announcement service. MERLIN Messaging Release 2.5 is installed by adding a circuit module with a port license PCMCIA card to the MERLIN MAGIX® cabinet. The system supports multiple automated attendants, bilingual and multilingual modes of operation, priority or private message features, as well as personal and system group lists. The latest release provides customized announcements for customers waiting in a calling group's queue; telephone display integration of old and new messages; and supports caller ID. In addition, MERLIN Messaging now supports a Web browser interface—Avaya www.messenger™ for MERLIN Messaging—a visual interface to voice messages, which allows users to tell at a glance how many new and old voice messages they have.

Octel Messaging System
A multimedia messaging system with automated attendant capability that supports 100 hours of storage, up to 16 voice ports, 4 fax ports, and 1,000 mailboxes. The optional Visual Mailbox enables users to process and manage voice and fax messages using their PCs in combination with point-and-click procedures.

Merlin Integrated Network Access
The Integrated Network Access module supports voice communications and high-speed Internet access over shared T1. This board supports integrated T1 service offerings that combine local, long distance, and Internet access that may provide cost savings to customers. Using a T1 or PRI interface this module gives the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System fast access to the Internet or to a remote network, and allows voice and data access over the same line. These savings easily justify the cost of purchasing equipment that consolidates these traffic types. In addition to this value, the MERLIN MAGIX INA module delivers additional integration value by reducing installation and maintenance expense.

Call Accounting System
A call accounting system is a software application for businesses that need to manage telephone usage and control costs by tracking, sorting, and recovering telephone charges. Avaya does not sell a package such as this anymore. However, Veramark, a 3rd party vendor, sells an Avaya certified system, eCAS.

WinSPM is a Windows-based graphical system software package that lets you program and maintain the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System. It performs the same functions as a MLX-20L or 4424LD+ telephone that has been set up as a system programming console.

The program provides:

Convenient access to current system information.
The ability to make comprehensive, real-time changes
  from a Windows interface.
Centralized programming of multiple MERLIN
  communications Systems located at different sites.

INTUITY AUDIX VS is a multimedia messaging system that combines voice, fax, and e-mail messaging capabilities with automated attendant feature. The system includes from 4 to 12 universal (voice and fax) ports that can grow to 18 ports and up to 175 hours of storage. Optional software supports fax, e-mail message exchange via the Internet, voice-enabled names dialing, and analog and digital networking. In addition, with the INTUITY Message Manager option a user can hear messages via a PC sound card, view fax and text messages on a PC screen, send e-mail (if Internet messaging is included), and use a mouse for replying to, forwarding, annotating, and broadcasting mixed-media messages.

INTUITY AUDIX Velocity comes with voice, fax, text-to-speech (TTS), Internet messaging, analog and digital (TCP/IP) networking, voice-enabled names dialing, INTUITY™ Message Manager, www.messenger (for browser-based desktop mailbox management), 175 hours of storage, and the ability to grow to 18 ports. Three primary offerings are available with the following ports/site licenses: 4/100, 8/200, and 12/300 

Video Conferencing
The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System supports ISDN and IP videoconferencing systems. In the case of an ISDN (PRI or BRI system) the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System is programmed to bring the data call out to an internal MLX port. With IP systems, the INA board connects the user to the Internet through a broadband connection for full IP pass-through.

* Avaya does not directly support videoconferencing, however if a broadband connection is available using the INA module a variety of videoconferencing Internet solutions can be used to provide the needed service.

Add Ons

Avaya Web Communications Server
The Avaya Web Communications Server provides enhanced messaging through a single PC mailbox for voice mail and e-mail retrieval. Now voice mail calls can be saved like e-mail, a key for lawyers, collection agencies, and any business that receives orders via voice mail. The Avaya Web Communications Server allows you to establish and host a Web site, extending your market reach, while increasing your sales with secure e-commerce transactions.


Digital Announcement Units (DAU)
These devices provide the storage space for various customizable recordings that can be used with the music-on-hold feature. The DAU connects to a MERLIN MAGIX line port using a music coupler.

These are customized recordings that reside on a Digital Announcement unit. The digital announcements are used to provide customized music-on-hold announcements that can be played to callers on hold.

Universal Door Phone System
This application allows an individual arriving at a business or residence to press a button on the speaker to place a call inside the building.

TransTalk Wireless 4060 System
Provides single- or dual-zone mobility applications that works in place of a wired telephone set, giving you anytime, anywhere access to incoming or outgoing calls. TransTalk® telephones offer all the standard features of desktop telephones.

Universal Alerts (strobe, chime, etc.)
Helps make users aware of incoming calls. For example, you can use an audible alert (chime, horn, or bell) in a noisy area like a factory.

Allows users to conduct hands-free conversations.

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