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 MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System  

Key Features

Loudspeaker Page with Group Page
This feature allows the loudspeaker paging system to be added to a Page Group. When a call is made to the Page Group, all members, along with the paging system will be alerted.

Call Screening
Call screening allows a user to listen in on a call after it has gone to voice mail coverage and if they choose, to bridge back onto the call (the voice mail port is disconnected and the user joins the call as a regular participant). The feature will be available for both internal and external calls that are eligible for coverage.

Hot Dial Pad
The Hot Dialpad feature will allow a user to dial an outside or internal number without pressing the speakerphone button or lifting the handset before dialing. The Hot Dialpad feature will automatically go off-hook on speakerphone when the first digit is dialed from the dialpad. When a user is in headset mode, the feature will automatically take them off-hook on the headset when the first digit is dialed.

Remote Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Internal Alert
Incoming calls destined for certain individuals will also alert at a programmed external telephone number such as a cell phone. If unanswered, the call would be treated as unanswered and go to voice mail.

Headset Displays
When a user is in headset mode, they can receive displays for incoming calls.

CTI Link
The CTI link package has updated PBX driver software, which will allow the CTI board to work with a MERLIN MAGIX R2.2 system. Also, the CTI board is a new version, called the Eicon Diva R2.02 board. This board is now compatible with CTI servers that have PCI 2.2 (64-bit) slots.

Integrated Network Access
MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated Network Access (INA) combines the functionality of T1/PRI (Primary Rate Interface), a data router, DSU/CSU (data service unit/channel service unit), and a packet-filtering firewall, all on a single circuit card. Using the INA capabilities of your MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System, you can:

Route Internet Protocol (IP) data traffic using the same T1

Allocate bandwidth within the T1 circuit to support either voice or data, providing dedicated channels to and from the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System, and for high-speed, always-on, Internet access

Support outbound IP applications such as Web browsing and e-mail for all your company employees

Maintain your own Web site or e-mail server

Enhance your security system with the built-in, packet-filtering firewall protection INA can also help you reduce network service, equipment, installation, administration, and maintenance costs.

MERLIN MAGIX Customer Care Solutions
The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System offers call center support for even the smallest business. Avaya and Avaya's Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners provide answers to your service or billing problems, and the flexibility to conduct transactions by telephone, Internet, e-mail, or fax. Features include:

Up to 25 total agents in the system, agent back-up, escape from queue option for customers, and supervisor service-observing

Group and/or supervisor monitoring and analysis of your call center performance, in addition to the MERLIN MAGIX Reporter software application

Agent desktop for real-time monitoring on agent PCs

Computer telephony integration (CTI) applications for outbound dialing, inbound "screen pop" using popular personal information managers (PIMs), and call recording

Integrated multimedia messaging support

Multi-site networking
If your business has a number of locations or employees working in geographically dispersed areas, multi-site networking can save you money. A MERLIN MAGIX private network can help maximize your facilities by sharing voice, high-speed data/video, and a single voice
messaging system across multiple locations. Features include:

Uniform dial plan routing, which lets you place calls anywhere on the network as if everyone worked at the same location

Dynamically allocate network resources for inbound and outbound voice and data traffic, giving you a flexible, cost-effective way of handling peak demands

Allowing you to connect your local area networks (LANs) across multiple sites to shared equipment, software, Internet access, and administration

Your network can consist of one or more MERLIN MAGIX Integrated Systems, plus MERLIN LEGEND® Communications System, DEFINITY® Business Communications Server (BCS), DEFINITY ProLogix®, and DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server (ECS).

Mulitmedia Messaging
Choose from a wide range of proven messaging solutions for voice, fax, and e-mail, including MERLIN® Messaging, Octel® 100 Messaging, and INTUITY™ AUDIX® VS. In addition, virtual messaging with a Web-based browser provides you the ability to control, prioritize, and manage voice messages from a PC.

Avaya Web Communications Server
The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System offers an optional Avaya Web Communications Server to help you expand your market reach to the Internet.

Mobility Management
When your employees are away from their phones—in the warehouse, down the hall, or in an adjacent building—important decisions get delayed and calls go unanswered. The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System has a variety of solutions for your employees on the go. Cordless telephones, loudspeaker paging, voice messaging with outcalling, and the TransTalk® Digital Wireless System keep your employees in touch wherever they are.

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