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 MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System  

Additional Features

Easy Administration
The MERLIN MAGIX® Windows-based System Programming and Maintenance (WinSPM) software provides convenient access to your current system information and makes it easy to program system and telephone features without duplicating each task. A user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) provides on-screen icons and menus to help guide you through each programming step.

Caller ID
Caller ID support is available for both internal and external callers. Know the name and number of the calling party before you pick up the phone. Works in conjunction with computer telephony integration (CTI) for database look-ups and "screen pops" in call center applications.

Choice of Telephones
The MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System provides full compatibility with many of telephones you already own: MERLIN LEGEND® Multi-Line Extension (MLX) Voice Terminals; PARTNER® Enhanced Tip/Ring (ETR) or MultiLine Sets (MLS); plus the new generation of MERLIN® 4400 Series Digital Voice Terminals.

Standard Features

Customer Sales & Service

Account Code Entry (Regular/Forced) Allowed/Disallowed Lists Automatic Line Selection Automatic Number Identification
Automatic Route Selection Barge In Callback Caller ID
Calling Restrictions Camp On Coverage Delayed Call Forwarding
Direct Group Calling Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Directory Service Disable Transfer on Single-line Sets
DNIS/Multiple Calls to Directory Service Extension Status Forward/Remote Call Forward/Follow Me Inspect
Line Request National ISDN-BRI Access Night Service with Group Assignment Night Service with Outward Restriction
No Transfer Return on Single-line Sets Park Pick-up Power Failure Transfer
Privacy Recall Ringing/Idle Line Preference Ringing Options
Shared System Access Buttons Signaling/Notify Station Identification Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
T1 Data Switching Time-Based Overflow for Calling Groups Voice Announce from Queued Call Console Voice Announce to Busy

Cost Control

Account Code Entry (Regular/Forced) Allowed/Disallowed Lists Authorization Codes Automatic Route Selection
Barrier Codes Support for Call Accounting Calls-in-Queue Alarm Calling Restrictions
MERLIN MAGIX® Reporter Networking Outward Restriction Pool Dial-Out Code Restriction
SMDR Toll Restriction

Mobility and Distributed Work Force

Barrier Codes Loudspeaker Paging Multimedia Messaging Networking
Remote Access Uniform Dial Plan Videoconferencing Support Wireless and Cordless Telephones


Attendant Barge-In Attendant Message Waiting Barge-In Call Coverage Features
Call Forwarding/Follow Me Caller ID Centralized Voice Messaging CTI Support
Direct Voice Mail Directory Features Display Features Executive Barge-In
Fax Features Leave Message Leave Word Calling Loudspeaker Paging
Manual Signaling Message Center Operation Message Indicator Message Status
Message Waiting Receiver Message Status Operator Next Message Notify
Page All Paging Posted Messages Priority Call Ringing
Reminder Service Remote Access Remote Call Forwarding Return Call
Send/Remove Message Signaling Station-to-Station Messaging Voice Announce on Busy
Voice Mail Support

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